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Jaws requires soft ware maintenance once every two years. If this is done faithfully, the cost is 120 dollars. Which amounts to approximately two and a half dollars each month. or 62 cents a week. Which one of us can't afford to pay 62 cents a week I ask?

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Well I do understand that, but if a blind person is using their screenreader
for just personal home use; how would they afford an update every year? I
sure can't.
This is the biggest crunch when it comes to computer technology for the
blind. It is an added expense that doesn't apply to sightlings. Bummer!

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Mike Ulrich <> wrote:
So do you think that'll mean that all users must upgrade their screen
reader programs as often? Or perhaps a lot less?

Given the speed at which Web standards and Web applications are evolving,
those who do not keep their screen readers up to date will increasingly be
left behind so far as accessibility is concerned. For example, in the
release notes of the latest JAWS 18 update you'll notice various
enhancements that support new features in ARIA (a technology used widely by
Web application developers to make their software accessible to screen
reader users).

It won't be long before Web application developers start using those
features to improve accessibility. To gain the benefit, however, users will
need up to date screen readers. These features of JAWS 18 are only examples
of a larger trend.

I keep all of my software up to date. I don't use old versions of software
except perhaps for a short time to work around a problem with a newer
release while awaiting a fix. There are enough accessibility problems as it
is without making the situation worse by using old versions of screen
readers, operating systems, etc. So my advice is: use current releases of
software whenever possible.

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