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James Malone

When I was working with the program, I did remember seeing a import feature.

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I don't see why it couldn't be used to import music and find out the notes and durations of a piece.

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Can Sibelius be used for music score imports, as a way to learn the notes of a piece, such as for piano? Or, is it mostly used by blind folks for creating scores?

Thanks, keith

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Note, that the correct Sibelius version is 5.2.5. And it needs to be requested as a downgrade after purchasing the current version.

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Your options for notation software are as follows:
Sibelius Access is a set of Jaws scripts you can use to work with notated music in Sibelius. Though work is being done to update them, for right now you'd need to run version 5.02 of Sibelius to use them. Do a search on the web for Sibelius Access and you should find both the scripts and also the mailing list that will help you navigate through getting things set up.
Lime Aloud is another option, and will give you more capability in creating Braille music. Talk to the folks at Dancing Dots about this option.
There's no current option I know of for Finale, Encore, Score, or Steinberg's new notation program. (the name escapes me at the moment for the last one) Pro Tools is inaccessible with Jaws -- you'll need a Mac and Voiceover to do anything with it for now. The same goes for Logic, as it's also a Mac only option. (There is no current version of Logic for Windows or any other non-Apple operating system) Reaper is the popular option right now for blind audio users, though Samplitude is also accessible with the addition of scripts and hot keys. Sonar is also an option, but you'll need an older version, as development of Cake Talking hasn't kept up with the versions.
Also note that Audacity is fully blind accessible too.
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Subject: Music program software

Hello I am inquiring as to whether anyone using JAWS out there has used music programs such as Sibelius, Logic or Por tools?? I am trying to find out tif they are compatible with JAWS.


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