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James Malone

The other choice is the VIP web site. However, the latest music software has some problems of it's own. The people that create HSC scripts are updateing them now.

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Note that that's the last version of Sonar supported by Cake Talking. And though Dancing Dots was once a strong resource for information for folks looking for accessible music options, there are a lot of other options out there that they don't support, some of which are current versions of the software instead of several versions back.

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If you’re looking for any type of music software, you can go to You will find a large collection of software to fit your needs to include any type of DAW work station.

They all work with Jaws up through Jaws 17. Jaws 18.0 hasn’t been tested yet for Cake talking, and I’m not Shure about the other programs. The good people at Dancing Dots will tell you. I only have Cake talking for Sonar 8.5, and have used it for years.


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Subject: Music program software

Hello I am inquiring as to whether anyone using JAWS out there has used music programs such as Sibelius, Logic or Por tools?? I am trying to find out tif they are compatible with JAWS.


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