Re: How do I install the OCR component in JAWS 16?

Soronel Haetir

The one thing I recall with OB (though it has been a long time since I
used it) was that OB does a much better job about detecting spaces
than jaws convenient OCR. Convenient OCR has a nasty habit of not
detecting spaces for me and I then get huge 'words' that I have to
pick apart.

On 12/4/16, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
It can recognize text on screens which are otherwise inaccessible and if
there are elements like a Next button or a link you can click it with the
Jaws cursor. I have had installation screens of software which were just
blank to Jaws and when I ran Convenient OCR on them I was able to do what
needed to be done.
Also, if you open a PDF file which is an image you can OCR the entire
document with a single layered keystroke without ever bringing up Openbook.
I also own Openbook, but ever since Convenient OCR can do entire PDF
documents I haven't used it once and I don't even have it installed any
more. If I need to scan a paper document I either use my iPhone with KNFB
Reader or I just scan it on my Fujitsu Scansnap at my business which is a
sheet scanner and it can scan a stack of 10 double sided pages in less than
30 seconds, then I just select the Save to File option which saves the scan
as a PDF, I open the PDF and press Jaws Key + Space followed by O and D
which is the keystroke to do OCR on the entire PDF document. The result gets
put in the virtual viewer, if I need to keep it I can just to a Select All,
then copy and paste it into Notepad, Word or wherever.
I think Convenient OCR is the biggest feature in Jaws since quick nav keys
for the internet.


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Subject: Re: How do I install the OCR component in JAWS 16?

If one had Open Book, what would be the order of installation of the JAWS
Separate question.
If one has a great earlier version but very stable version of JAWS 16,
Can one download and use the installer for JAWS OCr?

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It can be downloaded and installed from the same page as the jaws

Note that I recently tried installing OpenBook and after doing so jaws
convenient OCR ceased functioning (I even tried re-installing both jaws and
the convenient OCR package without success). It required uninstalling
OpenBook for jaws convenient OCR to work again. I keep meaning to try
un-installing jaws, installing OpenBook and then re-installing jaws and see
if that fixes the problem but I have not got around to doing so.

On 12/4/16, Dave Carlson <> wrote:
...should be able to download the necessary files from the Freedom
Scientific web site, under JAWS Downloads. Version 16 will still be
there, with the last build.

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Subject: How do I install the OCR component in JAWS 16?

Hi All,
I recently did a typical install of JAWS 16 on my HP laptop. When I
try to use the JAWS OCR, JAWS says the component is not installed.
Please advise on how I install the OCR.

Timothy Ford

Soronel Haetir

Soronel Haetir

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