Re: using NFB reader?

Kane Brolin

On 12/4/16, Carliss <> wrote:
Is the NFB reader for phones only, or can it be used with tablets as well?
Carliss, I presume you're talking about The KNFB Reader from K-NFB
Reading Technologies.

The iOs version of KNFB Reader does officially support the following
models of iPad:

iPad Pro 12.9" / 9.7"
iPad Air / Air 2
iPad mini 4 / 3

I recently purchased a refurbished iPad 3, and I find that the app
does work with that device; but in the limited time I have
experimented with it, I find it works more slowly and less efficiently
than I did with either my past iPhone 4S or my current iPhone 6. I
will keep trying to refine my knowledge of this.

I understand that an Android version of the KNFB Reader has been
created, too. I have no idea whatsoever about the availability of or
the effectiveness of the KNFB Reader as it applies to any mobile
phones or tablets except for those produced by Apple.

Carliss, keep in mind that the list you are writing to is dedicated to
JAWS, which is intended for the PC and which is produced by a company
that has no connection whatsoever to K-NFB Reading Technologies. So
for further help along these lines, I suggest you either write to or call 877-547-1500. Also, feel free to
contact me off-list:

I wish you success with this project.

Kind regards,

Kane Brolin

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