Re: How do I install the OCR component in JAWS 16?

ptusing <ptusing@...>

If one had Open Book, what would be the order of installation of the JAWS OCR?
Separate question.
If one has a great earlier version but very stable version of JAWS 16,
Can one download and use the installer for JAWS OCr?

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Subject: Re: How do I install the OCR component in JAWS 16?

It can be downloaded and installed from the same page as the jaws installer.

Note that I recently tried installing OpenBook and after doing so jaws convenient OCR ceased functioning (I even tried re-installing both jaws and the convenient OCR package without success). It required uninstalling OpenBook for jaws convenient OCR to work again. I keep meaning to try un-installing jaws, installing OpenBook and then re-installing jaws and see if that fixes the problem but I have not got around to doing so.

On 12/4/16, Dave Carlson <dgcarlson@...> wrote:
...should be able to download the necessary files from the Freedom
Scientific web site, under JAWS Downloads. Version 16 will still be
there, with the last build.

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From: Tim Ford
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Subject: How do I install the OCR component in JAWS 16?

Hi All,
I recently did a typical install of JAWS 16 on my HP laptop. When I
try to use the JAWS OCR, JAWS says the component is not installed.
Please advise on how I install the OCR.

Timothy Ford

Soronel Haetir

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