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I got to open list and I only had the one option there, did not have two to delete and when I shift tabbed to arrow down twice for user option it was not there I was staying in the list of .ext files.

However I have now noticed that within my start menu I have to options for notepad one being Notepad which gives the cant open option and there is another, Notepad with the executable extension of .exe and this one open Notepad no problem, guess i can use this. i dont use notepad much anyway.

Really appreciated your time and great instructions.

Thanks very much



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Hi Graham,
you have associated notepad to another program & it cant open it, but
no problems its easy to fix.
read all my steps first before you carry them out.

ok need to open regedit
open the run box by pressing windows r,
now type in regedit & press enter to open the registry.
if you have been in the registry before then it will be open to the
lask tree you were on, if this is the case, then keep pressing the
left arrow till you hear, computer closed, now we are both in the same spot
now press the right arrow to open computer
to navigate through the keys use down arrow & right arrow to open them
now you need to navigate to the below key, I have put the path in a
list so its easy to follow, when alt tabbing back & forth from this
email to the registry.
now down arrow & right arrow to open each of the following, till you
get to the last one, wich is open with list

open with list

ok once you have landed on open with list
tab to go into it
now you will find the following 3 keys, keep reading dont delete anything yet
(Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
a REG_SZ AcroRd32.exe

now you need to delete the second & third key only, you will need to
hit yes, do not, do not delete, (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
only delete
a REG_SZ AcroRd32.exe

once you have deleted both of them,
shift tab once to land back on, open with list
now down arrow twice & you should land on
user chois
dont tab into this one, just hit delete on it, again you will have to say yes.
ok now we are done,
alt f4 out of here &
now you will need to reboot
once rebooted all should be back to normal.

Let me know how you go

At 06:37 AM 10/29/2011, you wrote:
Please can anyone advise me why when I press enter on notepad from my start button file I get a message saying: Windows cannot open this file and gives me a couple of options on what to do, look on line etc, the extension lnk is mentioned.

Why am I having such much hassel in simply trying to open Notepad?



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