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Hi, Brian. When you open the JAWS Settings Center, and navigate to Miscellaneous, this is where you will find the "Use Virtual Ribbons check box. It can only be set in the default configuration file. This is accomplished with the keystroke:
CONTROL plus SHIFT plus D.
Once you find the "Use Virtual Ribbons check box, if you tab once, you will find a dialog box which explains the function of this check box. Here is what it says:
Select this check box to turn on the Virtual Ribbon Menu. When it is on, the Ribbon is organized and navigated using a traditional menu and submenu format. This is true for any application that uses Ribbon menus. This makes it easy to navigate using ARROW keys or first letter navigation. This option is only available when Default settings are selected in the Application combo box. It is unavailable for other application specific files that are loaded. This check box is cleared by default.
Notice the last line of the explanation:
This check box is cleared by default.
This is an easy way to find the default setting for many of these settings dialogs.
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Hello All,

         I can't recall whether the Virtual Ribbon Menu feature is set on by default or not.  If someone knows off the top of their head please share.

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