Re: creating shortcuts for windows10 apps, example, windows 10 mail app.

Melissa Stott <mstott69@...>

Thanks for this info.  I will soon have a new computer with Windows10, so I am preparing myself.

From: david
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2016 2:40 PM
Subject: creating shortcuts for windows10 apps, example, windows 10 mail app.


As you become more familiar with Windows 10, you will likely appreciate how easy it is to access the universal apps and desktop applications you use every

day … assuming you do so from either Start or the taskbar. But one thing Windows 10 doesn’t provide is a way to create a shortcut to these apps so you

can launch them from the desktop or elsewhere.


Or, at least an obvious way.


But as it turns out, all of the applications installed on your PC, including the universal apps that come with Windows 10 or are downloaded from Windows

Store are accessible from a hidden shell view called Applications.  Once you open this view in File Explorer, you can create shortcuts for any of them. Open the Run dialog (Windows+R=run), type in:



and then press enter  to view this folder.




Find an app you wish to create a shortcut for, right-click  (applications key, or, shift+f10 and choose Create shortcut from the pop-up menu that appears.




You’ll be prompted that the shortcut cannot be placed here, and Windows will recommend placing it on the desktop instead. Press enter on  Yes. A shortcut with the name App-Name  Shortcut (Mail Shortcut) will appear on the desktop. You can leave this as-is, or rename it (I usually remove the word, Shortcut). And you can of course move the shortcut to any folder as needed.


Now, just repeat for all the app shortcuts you need.

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