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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

Thanks, Brian! What a difference that hint makes on the CNN
Money site for Dow Jones. It's back like it used to be for
me in XP - YEA!

Bye for now,


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Hi Stan,

Do you have Smart Navigation enabled? If so or to check try
Jaws Key+X, if it is on Jaws will say "Smart Navigation
Off", if it was off then Jaws will say "Smart Navigation
Controls and Tables".

With Smart Navigation off the tables are read by Jaws as
text, e.g. if you had a table with headings Description,
Quantity, Price, Tax and Total Jaws would read all of these
items as if they were on separate lines, it would not drop
into table mode where you have to navigate the table. This
applies to web pages and I assume to Microsoft Word as well.
I usually have smart navigaion enabled since I like it for
the most part, but there are a few websites where I turn it



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Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 8:52 AM
Subject: tables in outlook 2016

It seems like a lot of emails in Outlook 2016 are laid out
in table form, and I am having lots of trouble navigating
them with jaws 18.

Where can I get some help in getting around in these emails?


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