Re: Certain web-based applications not working with Jaws 18

Kimber Gardner

No, not without changing the activate links setting in quick settings.
Once I changed that setting everything worked fine, at least in the
application I posted about. I have some other issues with version 18,
but that's for another post.

On 11/29/16, Robert Logue <> wrote:
Hi Kimberly.

Question: Can you activate the links using the Jaws list links command

I've found some web pages with Firefox where tabbing to the link and
pressing enter or left clicking with the Jaws mouse command does not
work since updating to Jaws 18.
Right click on a link and see if you get link commands or if you get
other navigation choices such as back and forward.

Don't know if it is related to Jaws or Firefox updates. Have not tested
with IE.


On 11/18/2016 8:21 AM, Kimber Gardner wrote:
Hi all,

Just curious whether anyone has come across any web sites or web-based
applications that don't work with jaws 18?

I work for the federal govt and we have a web-based application for
time keeping -- entering vacation time or sick time etc. Although I
can log on with jaws 18, once in the application none of the links
work. At first I thought it was a problem with the app itself. But
once I switched back to jaws 17, everything worked perfectly.

Anyone seen anything like this?


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