Re: Keeping More than one web page open

BeastlyTheos <theodorecooke@...>

Instead of hitting enter on a link, hit control enter.

Likewise, to open the link in a completely new window, hit shift enter.

If you go into the menu bar, tools, options, advanced, you can find
settings for tabbed browsing which let you set things like, if focus
should switch to the new tab when it's open, or if control tab should
take you to the next tab in the tab order or the most recently visited

Good luck.

On 11/28/16, brian albriton <> wrote:
Pardon me, I have forgotten how to set ie11 to have more than one web page
open at a time.

When this sort of thing worked I would use control-tab to go between the
open pages.

All the best, Brian

Brian Albriton

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