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BeastlyTheos <theodorecooke@...>

If there's no editable forms, I just save the pdf as a text file, then
write the answers into the text file before sending it to them.

On 11/28/16, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
Hi Sandra,

If the PDF was created to be "Fillable" you should be able to work with it
like with a website, any edit fields like First name, last name, Telephone
number etc. should allow you go go into edit mode or, if you have auto forms
mode turned on, should pop you into edit mode automatically.
If this doesn't happen then you probably need to print it out and get a
sighted person to write the information on the form, then scan it in again
and email it back as an image.


From: [] On Behalf Of Sandra
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Subject: need to fill in a PDF application

Hello, all:

Recently received a volunteer app from a local company, but am clueless as
to how to make it so that I can fill it in, using JAWS. Any help, greatly


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