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Chris Chaffin

For your situation, you could try using the sum function combined with the count function.
Another words, you could get the sum of numbers in the range of cells, then use the count function to divide by the number of numbers you have.  This would hopefully get rid of your error.

In your example, try this formula:
I noticed that you did not include c102 in your formula, so I left it out.

=sum(b102, d102:m102)/counta(b102, d102:m102)

Let me know if you have any questions.


On Nov 18, 2016, at 3:40 PM, stintonjoe@... wrote:

ok I'm now trying to get excel to tell me the AVERAGE of cells B102 D102 F102 G102 H102 I102 J102 K102 L102 M102
the problem being at the moment not all the cells have a number in them and all it says is div 0,but as time goes on they will all have a number in them.
the formula i have tried is =AVERAGE(B102 D102 F102 G102 H102 I102 J102 K102 L102 M102) but  with this fromaler as far as I can tell  the  advridge of these numbers all need a number in for it to show anything.
for example if b 102 and f 102 have numbers in I  still get  nothing in the average cell.

well I  hope you can make some sort of sense out of my ramblings.

cheers Joe
cheers Joe
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I you want to use the formulas dialog, press ALT+m, then f.  Tab to
the categories and choose all, then tab once more and find
average.  You can fill in range after range after range, tabbing from
one to the next.  Tabbing will *never get you to the okay button,
because it just allows for another range.  Pressing enter might do
the okay, or shift+tab till you get back to okay.
At 03:27 AM 11/18/2016, you wrote:
hi all

ok i have jaws 17 and windows 7 and think all is up-to-date
I am trying to  make a excel sheet, and what I need to do is first in  the row I need a average from cell b2 to cell l 2 , and again in cell b3 to l 3 now i need to do this in every  row.
next  i need a avridge in the collom from  b2 to b  100 then again in c 2 to c 100 and d 2 to d 100 and so on.
but the problem is I cant work out how to get a average formula in the cell I need.
well hope you can work out what im trying to get at and  you havnt just read this and thought darn  my head now  hurts lets go for a pint !!!

well if any one can help me with what I need to do I would be very greatfull thanks in advance Joe

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