Re: save as dialog message and needing to figure out how to rid of it.

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Have you tried the following web site for help:

There is a space for you to type the problem as you describe in your

Hope this will put you on the right answer track.


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I keep getting this message when I am in outlook 2010. I have written other
lists and after explaining my situation, one person said I might have
installed google chrome by accident, so I removed it.

However, after removing it, I still get the message. It is not an outlook
issue, 2007 or 2010 because its happened here with 2010 and 2007. The weird
thing is it only happens in my outlook program.

I have set internet explorer as the default browser as one suggestion was
made, and I have search everywhere for this problem to get rid of it but I
cannot seem to find it anywhere on my system, even if following the path,
which I will post below. If someone can help, I will appreciated.

Here is the message I keep getting when opening up outlook.

File Download

Do you want to save this file?

Name: {42352BD5-27B7-4DD7-ACB9-4F0ABE20B299}.html

Type: HTML Document, 6.40KB

I have tried googling this issue but the string is to long or at least after
I throw the string into the google search, no results show up.

Thank you.

From: C:\Users\Kimsan\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Wi...

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