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Stan Holdeman

Hi: I just installed J18 yesterday. I find that when J18 starts up after
computer shut down the jaws key and J will not bring up the jaws option
menu. If, however, I close J18 with jaws key and F4 and reload J18, then it
works as it is supposed to.

I hope there is a better solution, but this is my best right now.


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If nothing else works, go to the start menu and find JAWS in the programs
and find your options there.

Maria Campbell

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On 11/17/2016 12:38 PM, Cletus Hostetler wrote:
Using Jaws18 and windows, I can not access the Jaws option. typing
control plus enter brings up only the jaws version. Typing insert plus
j also does not work.
is there another way to bring up the Jaws option?
Cletus Hostetler

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