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Stereo mix needs to be enabled I think inside your sound prefs. Um....insert f11 , arrow to speakers > right click > recording then proceed from there...memory is bad.

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You will need to use a Bluetooth speeker to output JAWS to and then your computers microphone will pick it up and send the audio to your callers.


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Subject: Skype and JAWS




Does anyone know if it is possible to be a presenter (showing desktop) in Skype for Business or Skype and have JAWS be heard by the attendees (do not have JAWS installed on their computer)? I would like to share what I am hearing  from JAWS while navigating in an application.


Using Skype for Business (and Office 2013) and JAWS 17 on a laptop with a built in microphone, I can be heard when I speak, however JAWS is not heard by others. Typically, I would find this positive. Yet, I would like the others to hear JAWS as I navigate my desktop and an application in this particular situation.


FS tech support said it was not possible to hear JAWS through the computer built in microphone when using Skype for Business or Skype.


I appreciate any suggestions.






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