Re: JAWS singing pour some sugar on me

Rose Combs <rosecombs@...>

Let's forget all this supposed singing; Jaws is JOB ACCESS WITH SPEECH and
what you are producing here is slow and Jaws cannot carry a tune. I would
rather hear what works and what does not and although I am not the list
moderator, this stuff is a waste of my time, take it privately or open a new
list. I don't mind music that what I have heard cannot even qualify as
anything but some pitch changes and they are slower than molasses in

Rose Combs

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‵vr80 ‵vb70 Love ‵vs60 ‵vb80 is like a bomb ‵vs60 ‵vb70 baby come and
get it on.
‵vs60 ‵vb70 Living like a lover ‵vs70 ‵vb80 with a ‵vs20 ‵vb80 radar
‵vb70 phone.
‵vs60 ‵vb70 looking like a tramp‵vs60 ‵vb70 like a ‵vs30 video vamp.
‵vs60 ‵vb70 Devil wishing woman‵vs70 ‵vb80 can I ‵vs20 ‵vb90 be ‵vb83
your ‵vb75 man.
‵vs60 ‵vb70 razzle and a dazzle‵vs60 ‵vb70 and a flashy little light.
‵vs60 ‵vb70 Television lover‵vs70 ‵vb80 baby ‵vs50 ‵vb90 go ‵vb83 all
‵vb75 night.
‵vs60 ‵vb70 some time any time ‵vs50 ‵vb75 sugar ‵vs70 ‵vb70 me sweet.
‵vs60 ‵vb70 Little miss ‵vs70 ‵vb80 innocent ‵vs20 ‵vb80 sugar ‵vb78

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