Re: Jaws says x-unicode in Thunderbird


on this list or maybe another I subscribe to, there was some discussion
about this issue, but don't recall if there was a solution other than
adding a dictionary entry. now I don't hear x-Unicode spoken when
reading email, but never heard it when composing an email.
when do you hear it when composing one?

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From: Robert Logue []
Sent: Monday, Nov 14, 2016 3:15 PM EST
Subject: Jaws says x-unicode in Thunderbird

Jaws is saying this more often lately. Don't know if it is changes in
Jaws or Thunderbird. It is really annoying when it is spoken at the
beginning of every email message by Jaws. Even more annoying when spoken
on every line or when moving to different HTML elements with the tab key.

x-unicode or x-western. Is there even a control type for this in Jaws?

I've tried changing verbosity and sound schemes but it does not go
away. I've tried to label the element but it can't be labelled.

I suppose I could try to change it in the speech dictionary.

Did that but only works when editing a message. Not while reading one.


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