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Marianne Denning

I don't use alt f then I then e. I use alt f, s then e and it works for me.
Just another way. I didn't know about the one you described until very

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Marianne, just to clarify, the other way is to press alt, and type f, i, e.
you missed the i in the directions you offered.

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There are a few ways. If you press f6 it will say something about turning
protected view off and you tab to yes or okay. This takes it off a document.
I can't remember how to take it off all documents. The other way is to press
altf, s, e.

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I have recently received word document attachments which are in protected
view and J 17 does not read it.

I have forgotten how to get out of protected view. I accidently did it
yesterday but do not know how I accidently did it.

I will appreciate your help.


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