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George Marshall

Brian Chicago lighthouse is:
888 825 0080.
George R. Marshall

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Thanks so much for your reply. This list has already been helpful.

I talked to an FS tech yesterday and Beyond Text is not accessible in many
places it seems. He suggested doing a google search for a JAWS script for
Beyond Text, or contacting a local dealer for help in customizing JAWS. The
FS tech tried OCR but the controls would not work in tandem . I'm working
up the nerve to try OCR on my own. I have tried both the jaws cursor and
virtual pc cursor, mostly the virtual pc cursor since Beyon Text is IE
based. I tried clicking on the Add button yesterday, but don't yet know if
that "took." Oddly, on the toolbar next to the File menue, there is an
Actions menu that I was using yesterday via alt-a. I didn't have a problem
with that at all. I can't recall if I had the "alt-a" issue before or after
updating to 13.

I may ask to be transferred to accounts that are ChartNet based but I'd like
to be able to use Beyond Text so I can work on more accounts when there's no
work on others. I'm not a techie either or I'd start my own business
writing jaws scripts for medical transcription software.

The FS tech also suggested contacting "Chicago Lighthouse" for free jaws
training, but when I called the # he gave me I just got a voice mailbox
message and haven't heard back, so it may have been the wrong #.

By the way, I like to think I'm an amateur singer and am curious to hear
jaws singing too. Maybe there's a youtube link to some jaws tunes.


Hi Brian,

That sounds like a challenging situation. The good part is that, from my
understanding of your message, you will be working with a familiar account
once you conquer the new platform. That is better than learning new
platform and a new account all at once.

I am not much of a techie so I don't have any suggestion for dealing with
the alt a dilemma. Is there a dialog box you use to add a cc? Maybe
navigating directly to the add button would work better than the alt a

Sometimes I can route the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor and then do a left
mouse click and activate things I could not otherwise activate. You do the
routing by hitting insert and the JAWS cursor on the num pad. That is the
upper right corner of the num pad. Then try the left mouse click, which is
the numb pad slash, the second key on the upper row of the num pad.

You can turn on keyboard help by hitting insert and the number 1 on the
number row. When you do that then you can press any key or key combination
and JAWS will tell you what it does but will not carry out any action. You
turn keyboard help off the same way you turn it on, insert plus 1 on the
numbers row.

When you want to search for something in an email message with JAWS, hold
down insert and control then hit f. Type what you are looking for and hit
enter. If you want to find the next occurrence of that word just hit F3.

There are some experienced JAWS users on this list so if you run into JAWS
specific issues this is a good place to ask for help.

I also shared your message with the lady who trained me for my current job.
I will definitely keep my ears open and if I come across anything that might
be of help I will contact you.

I wish I could be of more concrete help, but I admire you for tackling a
tough problem and I hope you have success.


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