Re: Stopping JAWS from reporting slide number when on a PowerPoint slideshow

abdulaziz dapilin <abdulaziz.dapilin@...>

Thanks. But how doo you set up a separate audio output for JAWS? I was
thinking for this before but I have dropped the idea because I thought
it is not possible. Now that you have mentioned having done this, can
you walk me through how to set it up?

On 11/6/16, Dave Carlson <> wrote:
Hello. It's been a few years since I used Powerpoint and made presentations

for my job. I don't think I was able to stop the slide numbers from being
announced, but for the purpose of making presentations to an audience, I
used a separate audio output for JAWS. I used the JAWS output fed into a
set of headphones, so that only I could hear it. This was important to me,
since I wanted to hear the slide numbers, and any titles, so that I could
correctly describe the slide to the audience. A separate audio (usually the

one built into the laptop) was fed into the presentation speakers. Then if
there was any audio (music, sound bites) associated with that slide, the
audience would hear it.

This worked very well.

Hope this idea makes sense.

Farfar Dave
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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Hi, a pleasant day to all.
I am using PowerPoint2016 on a Windows10 machine running JAWS17 and I
am just curious... Is there a way to stop or restrict JAWS from saying
slide number while on a slideshow? If yes, can somebody tell me how?


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