Re: will jaws work on a windows 2 in 1 laptop/tablet

paul lemm

Hi Marketed,


That’s really helpful , I’ll take a look at the  Lenovo’s when I’m picking which system I want to buy.




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Subject: Re: will jaws work on a windows 2 in 1 laptop/tablet


For what it is worth, I’m on my second Lenovo Yoga.  Both have been excellent.  The second one I use only because my firm bought it.  The other is my personal machine, which I bought in November 2011.

The Lenovos are, by far, the best computers I’ve ever used – totally reliable.

Our firm rolled out Windows 10 this September.  Lawyers were given a choice between the Lenovo Yoga or the Microsoft Surface Books.  There have been no problems with the Lenovo laptops, which all convert to tablets.

The Surface Books have been marginal at best.  One of my partners cannot run Outlook and Microsoft Word at the same time, and has to use Citrix.  For others, the problems have been less severe.

Our experience is not a scientific study, but we do have nearly 500 lawyers.

Lenovo may not necessarily be the best convertible laptop/tablet computers, but our experience has been uniformly positive.

Our experience with the Surface Books has been disappointing.

Those were the only choices we were given.  So, I cannot speak to other products.




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Subject: Re: will jaws work on a windows 2 in 1 laptop/tablet


It depends on the machine, but most of them nowadays it would work as most of the convertible laptops run a full version of Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.

I was just about to buy a Linovo Flex 3 convertible laptop. On that one you can't take off the screen, but you can flip it around completely so it lies flat against the botton of the laptop, at that point the keyboard is disabled and you can put the laptop on your lap with the keyboard facing down and the screen facing up and use it in tablet mode and with touch. I have, however, decided against the Linovo as the reviews are mostly good, but also mixed and it is somewhat limited with respect to RAM upgrades etc. It only has one RAM slot and comes with 8 Gb so if you want 16 Gb you basically have to get rid of the 8 Gb and buy a single 16 Gb stick. I ended up spending quite a bit more money and ordered an Asus Zenbook but in a 15.6 inch size. It still has a full 102 key keyboard with numeric pad, but it comes standard with an I7 6700U CPU, 16 Gb, a 512 Gb super-high speed SSD and the touch display is 4K wich my wife will appreciate. It's a beautiful machine and very much more like an Apple laptop or Microsoft Surface in quality.

The only laptop I know of which is basically a tablet to which you can attach a keyboard is the Microsoft Surface.





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Subject: will jaws work on a windows 2 in 1 laptop/tablet




So I was thinking of purchasing one of these 2 in 1 windows 10 laptop/tablets, so it’s the one where you have a tablet  that connects to a keyboard  so can  be used like a lap top or you can remove the tablet and use it as , well a tablet.  Was just wondering will jaws 16 install and run on this? I wasn’t sure as it is a tablet with windows if you can just install and run standard windows programs like jaws and any other programs I use currently on my windows 10 full desktop or can you only use programs specially designed for tablets on it?




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