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Yes Mario, this also is a way to delete a voice profile but I don't agree it's the only one. I shouldn't say something, if I didn't try it. And why have you press alt and there to search the menus of jaws? Pressing insert + j, you choose these menus and you open with right menu to hear: basic subMenu. Then with downMenu: voice profile

and on the right again, follows: jaws adjustment, then enter and so.
На 5.11.2016 г. в 16:12 ч., Mario написа:

recently, the only way I found is to:
press insert+j to get focus to the JAWS UI.
press alt, down arrow to Voices sub menu, then right arrow to Voice
Adjustment dialog, and press enter.
select the profile with the verticle arrow keys.
press tab to and press the space bar on the delete button.
press the yes or no button with the space bar.
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Yes, there is such a way. By the way there aren't difference by
deleting, whatever version of jaws you use. Find the voice profile you
want to delete and go with enter. You'll hear the profile's name. Now
with a tab you'll hear an announcement: delete profile button. In this
case I usually use spaceBar and then follows the announcement: do you
like to delete the profile and you hear the profile's name. The focus is
on: yes button and with spaceBar you do the operation. Then you can find
OK-Button to finish the action. At least I'm doing this thing so.

На 5.11.2016 г. в 04:33 ч., marvin hunkin написа:

Hi. is there a way to delete a voice profile for jaws 18.


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