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Feliciano G

I understand that JAWS 18 isn't Worth investing for some at the moment. The new mouse echo feature is pretty nice, but what I find meat are the improvements that I have come across so far while using the Microsoft office 2013 product Outlook. I invest on JAWS upgrades for a couple of reasons. As I work in an office setting, the new features are nice to have when working in various environments while using the computer. I'm not affiliated with Freedom Scientific, I have just been using their screen reader since 2010 and enjoy it very much. Just my two cents for what it's worth.

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I think FS is on the wrong side of that approach. A lot of people cannot attend conventions. They should also receive the discount. And the first year they did it, those attending the NFB conventiongot a larger discount. I know it was in celebration of their 75th anniversary, but that still smacks of partisan preference, in my opinion.


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There is always the option to pay for going to one of the big conventions in the US where this year and I think also last year and maybe the year before Freedom Scientific was offering smoking deals for SMA’s and for people to upgrade from versions that were several builts back to the most current. Of course by the time you add all the travel costs you may end up paying the same depending on how far you have to travel to attend one of these conventions, but at least you do get to see maybe a bunch of other neat stuff and meat people.



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Given that he is still using JAWS 13, it looks like Richard is either out $600 for three unused SMA renewals, or will soon be at the same price point for purchasing a brand-new copy of JAWS. I think it's moot at this point.

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The only problem with what you are doing is come the day that you have to upgrade jaws and or your operating system, and that day will come, it is going to cost you a fortune

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I must add to this discussion that I am "still" on JAWS 13 and Windows 7. Frankly, I have seen nothing really worthwhile in any of the upgrades of either JAWS or Windows since these versions. Most of the so-called "improvements" in JAWS are nothing more than fixes of things that did not work correctly or the addition of things that should have been there all along; like the mouse announcement thing now (finally) in v. 18, as others have commented. What a racket indeed : (

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I just got the official e-mail announcing Jaws 18. Disappointed! Doesn’t sound like there is anything improved or new that I will use. Won’t upgrade anytime soon!

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