Re: Old vocalizer voices versus new vocalizer voices

Jason White

Soronel Haetir <> wrote:
Younger people are more used to devices that have natural sounding
voices, so are more likely to choose such a voice from the outset.

Some of us who have been using speech synthesis since the 1980s have the same
preference - it isn't restricted to newcomers.

I used DECTALK extensively for many years, which in my judgment is better than
Eloquence. However, speech synthesis has improved since the days of DECTALK
and Eloquence, both in voice quality and in pronunciation accuracy. Vocalizer
Expressive is a good example of what we now have.

I notice that, for example, if I'm reading through an e-mail message list, the
new version of Vocalizer Expressive interrupts and resumes much more
responsively than the old version did.

I also use braille displays intensively, so I don't rely on the speech in the
way that some people on this list do.

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