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Insert f2 then the letter s twice. Unless you are using JAWS 1 or lower. Then insert f2 and the letter c for configuration manager. Same after that.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: Re: How to mute certain keys
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Date: 10-27-2011 17:06

hi there,

I cannot find setting center. Please show me

thank you very much

Ngoc Ly

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Settings Center
Ctrl+Shift+d for the default config type Key Label in the search field
Enter on that
Press the button.
In the list, you can toggle the speak/mute state of many keys with Alt+T as
you arrow through the list.
Press OK to save your settings, and of course save the config.

Note that these setting *do not* get merged over when you update to a new
JAWS version. Also they are clobbered even if you just install a minor
update. Frustrating, as it takes time to go through the whole darn list
every darn time there's an upgrade, since it's buried in the default
configuration file.

I've already posted this to
FS as something they should have fixed years ago.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: How to mute certain keys


In version I had certain keys muted -- enter, shift, alt and tab. But
I can't remember how I accomplished that.

Could someone post the steps to mute keys?


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