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I am trying to run it from the plug in and that is what is blocked now. When I just try from the google Fire Fox page it trys to pull up the hangout talk plugin automaticly, that was not the case just a week ago. I wonder if it still works fine in my chrome book, I imagine so, but I would like to be able to walk some of my students through the steps to be able to use it with JAWS or NVDA.

Thanks for the input.


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I have had occasional issues with Google Hangouts over time as Google has kept tweaking things.

I'd suggest downloading and installing the Google Hangouts Plugin or, as an alternative, seeing if using Hangouts via the webpage from within your browser works.  I've been doing the latter for a while now.  The plugin under Chrome does have the advantage of opening a dedicated window for Hangouts communication of all types.  It's a matter of what suits you best.

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