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Hi Peter and all,


                This has been an enlightening thread. We have 4 laptops in our home, all of which are running Windows 10; 3 of them were upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but the one that I use is the newest, so it came with Windows 10 already on it.


                Interestingly, my laptop is the only one in our home that had a problem with the Start Menu. Not only was my Start Menu changed, but I couldn’t get a search box in which to type anything. I then got a sighted friend to examine the situation with JAWS unloaded, but he got the same result. I tried everything to fix the problem, but after no success, I finally went back to the most recent restore point, which didn’t change anything. Then, I went back to the next restore point and everything returned to normal.


                Thankfully, I was able to run the rstrui app by pressing Windows Key plus r, then I typed rstrui and pressed Enter, which gave me access to the restore points.


                I truly wish that Microsoft would stop “fixing” things that aren’t broken and concentrate on improving this operating system.




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Your right, my desktop is the anniversary edition, version 16.
I had no option to upgrade or not. a few days ago, I initiated the power off and the desktop remained on. Over a couple of hours it restarted on its own.

Is there a way to prevent my laptop from automatically upgrading to the anniversary edition?

Also, the right click of a recent application will give me the documents to open. This is the way around the old jump list method.


Peter T.

On 2016-10-30 11:58 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


           I also think that one of your machines is still pre-Anniversary Update and the other is post-Anniversary update.

           To verify this, on each machine, hit the windows key and type the command "winver" (sans quotes, of course) and hit enter.  You will then get the "About Windows" dialog popping up.  If your version is 1511 then you are pre-Anniversary Update and if it's 1607 you're post-Anniversary Update.  I still know of a lot of machines that have not had the Anniversary Update applied.  The machine I'm writing from got the AU in the first week of release.  Two others in the house didn't get it for months after that, and there was at least a three week separation between each of them having it applied.  One also had it fail several times until Microsoft fixed something that was causing certain machines to fail to install the AU.

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