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Kimber Gardner


Please share with the list whatever you discover regarding track changes.


On 10/31/16, Marquette, Ed <> wrote:
I have to agree. I usually wait unless there is some new feature I really
need. I just upgraded to JAWS version 17. Unfortunately, we moved to
Office 2013 from Office 2010. That was definitely a step backwards. What a
kluge. So, my unhappiness with JAWS 17 may stem, in part, from the
miserable coding in Office 2013.
The only thing I see in JAWS 17 is that it messed up keyboard manager, made
it nearly impossible to move settings and custom scripts without a ton of
tedious work, and added some feature pertaining to the structure of Webpages
-- a feature I have totally shut down.
JAWS promises to bring back and rename the old merge utility.
That's good, but isn't it really a bug fix? I may try JAWS 18, but just to
see if it fixed the track change problems, as promised.
If it did not, I'm definitely waiting

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Same here, though it feels like something of a racket given the poor quality
of some releases that seem like no more than bug fixes dressed up as new

On 10/31/16, Marianne Denning <> wrote:
The problem is that if you don’t upgrade and keep purchasing the SMA
for your JAWS you will pay an outrageous price to upgrade in the
future. I have always purchased the SMAs and kept my JAWS current. I
will probably wait for
1 release to come out before I upgrade but I will definitely upgrade.

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well i have only just brought jaws 17, so i wont be upgrading !!!

From: Drew Hunthausen <>

Sent: Monday, October 31, 2016 3:23 PM

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Subject: V 18 disapointment

I just got the official e-mail announcing Jaws 18. Disappointed!
Doesn’t sound like there is anything improved or new that I will use.
Won’t upgrade anytime soon!


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