Beyond Text medical transcription software

Brian <bvarner05@...>

Hi Joni,

Thanks for responding. I was previously using ChartNet for medical
transcription. The company I was working for lost the account and 20 or so
people were laid off. The hospital was acquired by another health care
group who uses a different medical transcription service, and another
platform. Since I've been on these accounts for 6 years, I was hired by the
new company. I am being trained to do both straight transcription work and
speech recognition editing. I'm struggling with parts that require mouse
clicking, but starting to make progress. I updated to JAWS 13 and the
latest version of Magic Pro this week. I'm at best, a bad JAWS user so I'm
reviewing some help files on keyboard commands. Beyond Text is partly an IE
based program with a separate application called T2K which I just used
successfully today for the first time with the help of the trainer over the
phone. Of course, she isn't used to training someone who uses JAWS so our
terminology isn't always the same. We are both relatively new to this new
company. I'm brand new and she's had 8 weeks on the job. In Beyond Text,
there are a "plethora" of dialogue boxes. Each one has it' sown set of
keyboard shortcuts specific to it. One uses "alt-a" to add a doc's name to
a cc list, even though this is the command for opening up the Favorites menu
on the IE tool bar. In the manual, it sates "do not open Favorites or it
will close Beyond text." Of course when I used "alt-a" Beyond text shut
down. While this is an obvious keyboard conflict, alt-a seems to work for
my trainer on her computer and she hasn't heard of anyone else having this
problem. A friend of mine who is a programmer said he couldn't find any
information on disabling this keyboard shortcut in Internet Explorer.
There's an add button that I am not sure works right now, but will find out
today and report back.

By the way, I use Outlook Express and don't know how to search through the
body of the email to find things, so any help on that would be appreciated


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