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Kimber Gardner

Hmm, I haven't investigated jaws 18 as yet, but if the track changes
problem is really fixed it would make it worth the price of admission.

On 10/26/16, Marquette, Ed <ed.marquette@...> wrote:
On particularly large and complex documents, windows + shift + r and windows
+ ; are not reliable.
Often, one gets "no revisions."
The most reliable way is to move through the cocument, if it is a big one,
using the "next" function on the Review ribbon. Here, I am talking about
"next," not "accept and next." Once you have identified the option on the
ribbon, use right click to put it on the Quick Access Toolbar.
Now, for me, alt + 1 takes me to reach change (whether an insertion, a
deletion, or a comment."
By the way, I'm not sure whether it is Jaws post-windows 10 or Jaws post
Office 2010, but Jaws 16 and 17 don't work all that well with track
Relief has been promised in Jaws 18.

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Hi All,

The string of notes on this topic used only the insert shift r command,
which is new to me. The way I pull up revisions is with the windows key
plus the ;. This brings up 4 items, comments, footnotes, endnotes, and
revisions. You hit enter on the one you want, and it either tells you how
many revisions, then gives you a nifty vertical box with each revision
numbered, who the author is, and what the revision was. The same is
available for comments, footnotes and endnotes. If you hit enter, it takes
you into that revision. Pressing escape a time or two takes you out of that
window, and you just repeat the windows ; command to get back in.

One other tip. For all versions of Word I have experienced, you can go in
and out of track change mode with a toggle command, control-shift-e,
presumably e for edits. Pressing that command takes you in and out of
seeing the revisions. Turning track changes off gives you the clean version
reflecting the revisions. You need to have track changes on in order for
the windows ; command to work.

The above seems to work fine with all versions of Word and JAWS. Hopefully
this information is useful.

Tim Ford

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