Re: silencing announcements



           Sorry to contradict you, but I'm going to.  Between e-mail providers (most of them, anyway) doing server-side scanning and most folks employing antivirus or security suite software that does realtime scanning of e-mail messages upon download it has been years, literally, since I've had a client who got malware of any kind from allowing images to load as part of their e-mail.  I haven't blocked images in so long I cannot remember.

            If your (for any you) browsing and e-mail habits are such that your security software has not found anything to quarantine in as long as you can remember, the probability that you will get infected from embedded images in an e-mail is vanishingly remote.

            It all comes back to my repeated position:  Most infections are the result of direct or one-click removed user action.  If you aren't someone who goes to sketchy sites, your e-mail spam filter works, and you have any adequate antivirus or security suite you simply don't experience infections with any frequency.  An ounce of prevention in good "browsing hygiene" is worth a pound of cure after a disaster because it wasn't employed in the first place.

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.

         ~ William James

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