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Shan Noyes


Just wanted to let you know that i saw your post to the jaws script list the other day, so your new message did get through.  Traffic on the list seems to go in starts and stops.  Anyways, the person i would suggest that you should ask about the scripting stuff is doug lee he has a web site at note he has developed some really cool scripts. He has one for skype for business, as well as another one he wrote many years ago which enables the jaws user to look at the process screen in task manager and navigate it with jaws table commands. 

Anyways, i tried sending a lengthy email to this list with a bunch of scripting info that i've found out while starting to script.  Not sure if you got it.  Cause i had written it on my computer and then tried using a webmail interface to send it.  Even though i was logged in as my account that i am subscribed to this list with, the webmail interface changes the who is sending it and hence it bounced i think.  Anyways, can you let me know if you got it.

Anyways, good luck with the scripting stuff.

Have a good dan.

Shan Noyes

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On Oct 24, 2016, at 4:40 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

Mario and Poppa Bear,

           Thank you very much for the pointer to Jackie.  Although I joined the JAWS Scripting list and made my first post I believe I am being moderated, which is no surprise, since the post has not shown up in my own inbox and I'm set to receive copies of my own posts it must be in the queue for review.  I also can't see the member list since I'm not yet approved.

           There was someone who had already been doing some scripting work with the client's employer's custom internal software, but this got cut short due to several factors.  He did a great job with the few days he had to work on this.  We're checking to see if he's available first since the client and employer are already familiar with him.  He may not be available, so any pointers to any skilled script programmers are definitely appreciated.

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