Re: How To Stop Auto-numbering In Outlook 2016

Poppa Bear <heavens4real@...>

Good job laying out those steps Kim, I copied that to put in a file for my students, simple and clear.

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 6:08 AM, Jason White via <jason@...> wrote:
Tom Behler <tombehler@...> wrote:
> How exactly does one stop auto-numbering when composing e-mails with Outlook
> 2016?
> I used to be able to stop this feature in Outlook 2010 by simply hitting
> "enter" several times between list items, but this doesn't seem to work in
> Outlook 2016.

It worked for me in Outlook 2016 last week. Unfortunately, I had to move back
and forth with up/down arrow keys a little before JAWS recognized that there
was no automatic number on the final paragraph. The braille output was rather
misleading, but the numbering did in fact stop as it was supposed to do.

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