Re: How to shut off JAWS when sightlings want to use your computer?

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I haven’t used it much, but I think a quick, safe way is JAWS, Spacebar, S.  this should toggle.


I’m still chuckling about sightlings; sounds like Mork—nannu, nannu!




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Subject: Re: How to shut off JAWS when sightlings want to use your computer?


Hi Michael,


First, check whether the Jaws shortcut you should have on your desktop has a shortcut key or not. In order to do so, select it and press <alt+enter> to display its properties.


Then, tab twice. You should hear “Shortcut key (hotkey):” and something more. If this additional information is simply <none>, type a key on your keyboard, (the letter j for instance). Then, tab away from this item, and shift+tab back to it. You should now hear “Shortcut key (hotkey): ctrl+alt+j”. “j” could be replaced with the letter you typed.


If it’s ok, tab until the Ok button and press <enter>.


In order to check if it works, try pressing it. Jaws cannot be launched twice but it should inform you about such an attempt, for instance, by placing you into the Jaws window or opening the Jaws context menu, (depends on whether you choose to minimize jaws in the taskbar on in the notification area).


Now, if it works, you can confidently type <jawskey+f4> in order to shut jaws down. After your sighted friend gives you back your computer, simply type the hotkey you previously defined and jaws should restart soon.


HTH, Have a nice day. ChD


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Subject: How to shut off JAWS when sightlings want to use your computer?


So every now and then one of my sighted friends comes over and wants to check something out on the internet. But she’s always complaining about my eloquence’s voice program running with JAWS.

So what’s the fastest and best way to shut JAWS down, and the fastest and best way to bring it back up, after she’s done?


I know way back when, on a different computer, I had someone put on some  short cut keys to disable JAWS, once disabled you could just hit those short cut keys again, and JAWS would come back up.


So how do I go about setting this up again on my current laptop?

Although, it’s kind of funny listening to a sightling freak out; when having to listen to eloquence going a thousand miles an hour while working on your computer!


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