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If it’s a MouseOver where options pop up elsewhere on the screen when the mouse is placed over the link then usually you would press Control+Jaws Key+Enter. Jaws will then say something like “Change at Line 21” and you then press the “J” quick nav key which let’s you jump to a particular line number. Type in 21 and press enter and this should put focus to the beginning of the options which showed up, you can use the arrows and activate the links with enter or, if they are more MouseOver links repeat the above to bring up the next set of options.





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Subject: Corrected question


Hello again,


In my previous email I asked about gaining access to a link but here is how my question should have read:


Sometimes the mouse has to hover over the link in order to gain access to it. What keystrokes should I use instead of using the mouse?


Sorry about that.




Dr. Marilyn Bland


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