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Charles Coe

Are these opinions being directed to FS as well?


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1. The JAWS 13 release version is a bit unstable, compared to the last JAWS
13 beta before release. A couple lockups, and one stuttering crash. Never
had a stuttering crash with JAWS 12.

2. Notice that when closing the first html message after a launch of Outlook
2007 there is a very noticeable delay of 5 to 10 seconds before JAWS comes
back speaking. Have noticed this also after closing the first PDF document
after loading Acrobat, as well. Seems like JAWS 13 needs to do some
housekeeping to get things organized. Quad core CPU, by the way.

3. Convenient OCR is pretty good, but not a panacea. I've not have any
success using it to identify a single control, but it has helped when
reading window/screen with some installation programs. Try it with Adobe
Flash the next time it comes up. Don't bother using it for captchas.
4. Stock quotes work again.

Dave Carlson
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Does anyone have any opinions about this new JAWS version 13? Is this a
winner and considered a must have?


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