Re: PowerPoint 2013 vs. PowerPoint 2010 with JAWS and Without

Mcginnis, Barbara

I have a description of the different backgrounds if that would help.  I think I also have a description of the transitions.  I have had students complete many slide presentations in 2013 and the slides always have text boxes unless I use blank slide.  The default slide on my PowerPoint 2013 is Title Slide.  No modifications have been made to PowerPoint as we teach straight out of the box.


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Subject: PowerPoint 2013 vs. PowerPoint 2010 with JAWS and Without


Hello All,

         There seem to be a lot of heavy-duty MS-Office users here and I seem to recall conversations about PowerPoint.  One of my current clients wants to be taught PowerPoint and I can see that this is going to be a challenge from a number of perspectives.  I am out of practice with PowerPoint, but I do have PowerPoint 2010 and am practicing with it.  What is abundantly clear after today's session, unless it's an accident of the template we chose, that the way PowerPoint up through 2010 worked and PowerPoint 2013 works have some significant differences in how "default slides" are presented.

         This particular client has residual vision that varies, and when things are good he can see white text on a black background pretty well if it's sufficiently large.  Thus, for today's intro lesson, we created a presentation from a template called "Vapor Trail" in 2013.  The slides are solid black background with some colored effects across the top of each slide.  By the way, if anyone has Office 2013 and could send me an empty presentation using the Vapor Trail template I'd appreciate it.  I'm having difficulty finding it anywhere among the templates in the 2010 selections.

          One major difference I found in how 2010 is working and 2013 is working (on his computer, anyway) is that new blank slides are just that, blank, when they used to be pre-formatted with a title box and a text box pre-set to contain a bullet list.  In addition, in 2010 the text boxes never automatically stretched wider than the slide itself.  If you typed something that would "run off the slide" PowerPoint simply moved it to the line below with the necessary indent.

          Some days this client prefers to work with ZoomText and many others it must be JAWS, so there are more complications.  I am really wondering if the introduction of JAWS in the mix might cause some settings for PowerPoint 2013 to be set up via behind the scenes scripting that might eliminate the "expanding text box" problem, for instance.

           Anything that folks who've been there, done that with PowerPoint, particularly if you've transitioned from an earlier version to PowerPoint 2013 (and, probably 2016) I'd love to hear any insights you'd care to offer.


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