Re: Jaws 17 in Windows 7 right CTRL key sticking


Hi Russell,


I am also in Canada and only use the US keyboard layout for English. In my case I do have the German layout installed as I am bilingual which is why what you described sounded familiar.

The keyboard shortcut to switch keyboards (if  you have more than one installed) is actually not Control+Shift but it is Alt+Shift and more specifically Left Alt+Shift.

I am running Windows 10 on this laptop, but I still have Windows 7 on all my desktops at my store and I am pretty sure there is no difference. Here on my laptop pressing the right Alt key and then the shift key will switch from the English layout to the german layout, but it won’t switch back, only the Left Alt key + the shift key will toggle back and forth between the layouts.





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Hi Sieghard and all who responded to my question. Sieghard, I think you were right. I accidentally pressed the CTRL + shift key combination yesterday, and heard Jaws say something about switching to Canadian layout or language, can’t recall the exact message. I pressed the key combination again to switch back to US, but Jaws remained silent. This morning when I re-booted my computer, everything worked well and no sticky right CTRL key. I made a conscious effort not to press CTRL + shift throughout the day, and I didn’t encounter the issue at all. I am going to purposely press CTRL + shift tomorrow to verify that that is, indeed the problem. If it is, can I safely remove the Canadian keyboard layout so I don’t accidentally trigger this again. I do live in Canada, but use the US English layout.


Thanks again to everyone who chimed in on this issue!



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