Re: Jaws 17 in Windows 7 right CTRL key sticking

Kimber Gardner

What you say about several windows being open at once and for an
extended period makes a lot of sense with the issue as I have
experienced it. I've seen it most often with the alt key while using
remote desktop, a situation in which the remote session would be open
for an entire day while working away from the office. The only
solution that ever worked for me was too reboot.

On 10/19/16, Marquette, Ed <> wrote:
I’ve seen this before. It is more of a virtual sticking key. When other
keys are pressed, the system reacts as if, for example, pressing the f key
is a depression of alt + f or control + f. I’ve never had the Windows key
stuck, but that’s probably just a fluke.
Sometimes, unloading JAWS solves the problem, but usually, I have had to
Like others, I cannot say exactly what triggers this behavior, but it tends
to happen when multiple windows (5 or more) are open or have been opened
simultaneously, and have been left that way for several hours.
Not sure whether this is a JAWS problem or a Windows problem. It seems to
happen across applications. So, I do not think it is related to any
particular application.

From: [] On Behalf Of Brian
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Subject: Re: Jaws 17 in Windows 7 right CTRL key sticking

Ok, we're not talking about keys sticking then.

My follow-up question is: Has someone enabled the Sticky Keys feature
unintentionally enabled? It certainly sounds like it could be, though I
have no idea why that would affect only the right or left side rather than
both. It's still worth checking in Ease of Access settings.

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