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Yes, your JAWS 12 settings are untouched.

I've had FS Tech Support give me completely polarized opinions on the merge.
Some say it doesn't work, other say it's the right thing to use. If you
haven't done so already, first back up all your files/folders in the enu
folder to some other location.

I've had mixed success with the merge utility. It does not merge everything,
and just to be sure, I copy all my place markers and personalized settings
files from the older to the newer version.

Even after all that, there is still a lot of tweaking I need to do.
Especially the Key Labels, where I like to mute several of the special
keystrokes. Merge does not, and never has merged these. In fact it's
interesting to note that never has a JAWS installation completed with the
default voice settings I used on the previous version. I always end of with
the "Valium" voice and need to go through all the bother of changing all
those voices. Seems like FS is missing the very obvious simple things over
the years.

Dave Carlson
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If I choose to merge utilities when installing JAWS 13, will the settings
remain in JAWS 12?


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