Re: Jaws 17 in Windows 7 right CTRL key sticking

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Hi Russell,

Are you sure you haven't somehow switched to a different keyboard layout? The behaviour you describe is exactly what I get when I switch to the german keyboard layout. In Germany the right Alt key is used differently and as you said pressing Alt+Tab when I have switched to the german keyboard brings up a list of running programs and I have to arrow to the one I want and press enter on it. Of course in the germany keyboard you also have the three "Umlaut" characters, the a, o and u with the two dots on top and the "y" and "z" are reversed. However, I wonder if maybe other layouts which don't have these aspects also use the Alt key in the described way. If that is the case then Jaws tech support was indeed correct although they could have maybe said in a nicer way.


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Hi everyone,

Last week at work I had my 4 month old Lenovo desktop computer running Windows 7, re-imaged because I was having trouble with my computer freezing a lot. After re-installing Jaws 17, I am running into an issue where, if I am in a Word document or on a web page in Chrome, and press alt + tab to switch to another program, Jaws says, Alt CTRL tab, and, instead of being taken to the program I want, I am placed in a window listing all my running programs, and I must choose the program I want from the list and then press enter.

I called VFO tech support, and was briskly, and rudely, I felt, told that this is not a Jaws issue, and that Jaws has nothing to do with the alt key sticking. I looked at language and region settings, and I think they are set where they need to be. Has anyone seen this issue of the right CTRL key sticking? If so, is there a fix for it?

Thanks for any ideas!


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