Jaws 17 in Windows 7 right CTRL key sticking

Russell Solowoniuk

Hi everyone,

Last week at work I had my 4 month old Lenovo desktop computer running Windows 7, re-imaged because I was having trouble with my computer freezing a lot. After re-installing Jaws 17, I am running into an issue where, if I am in a Word document or on a web page in Chrome, and press alt + tab to switch to another program, Jaws says, Alt CTRL tab, and, instead of being taken to the program I want, I am placed in a window listing all my running programs, and I must choose the program I want from the list and then press enter.

I called VFO tech support, and was briskly, and rudely, I felt, told that this is not a Jaws issue, and that Jaws has nothing to do with the alt key sticking. I looked at language and region settings, and I think they are set where they need to be. Has anyone seen this issue of the right CTRL key sticking? If so, is there a fix for it?

Thanks for any ideas!


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