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Hi Sieghard,

I don't know. Never thought of that. I know her system is a Dell and I'm guessing is one of their newer models. I know mine is a Surface Pro Three that I bought about two years ago. Is there a way to check on which ersion of USB drive I would have? Thanks.


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Hi Les,

Are these USB 3.0 drives? Are you plugging them into USB 3.0 ports? If so, try plugging them into a USB 2.0 port and check File Explorer to see if they now shows.



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Maybe try to pull them up in disk manager and see if they are being assigned the same name as her local drives, if so, rename the letter associated with the externals. HTH

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I am working with a client who is running Jaws 17, and Windows 10. She has
access to a thumb drive and an external hard drive. She cannot access
either of them. I went into Device Manager, updated the drivers, and this
was done after I determined that her drives were shown in the Device Manager
Window. However, the drives cannot be formatted, and therefore they don't
show up in File Explorer yet. I took her thumb drive to my system, and it
also doesn't show up in File Explorer, but does in the Device Manager List.
I would be surprised if two drives were defective here. I am also running
Windows 10, latest build and Jaws 17, latest release. Any suggestions as to
what we can do about getting access to these drives? AS a final note, I
have an older USB hard drive used with Windows 7 initially. This is seen on
my system as I use it all of the time. Thanks for any assistance.


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