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Same here and I have had PDF files where I heard this what sounds like “vulgar” in front of numbers or text, very annoying.



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I did as you instructed. Now JAWS reads it as:
  vulgar fraction one third

Is there a significance to hearing "vulgar fraction" before the symbol?

Peter T

On 2016-10-16 10:35 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Without using the Character Map program or the Insert Symbol command in Word is to use the "insert unicode character" command, which is done by typing the unicode code then immediately hitting ALT+X (no space, nothing after the code).

The one third symbol is unicode character 2153, so if you type 2153 immediately followed by ALT+X you'll get a on third (in Arial, but not all fonts have that symbol).

The two-thirds symbol is 2154.

Here are the available fraction symbols and their unicode code:

one-seventh 2150

one-ninth 2151

one-tenth 2152

one-third 2153

two-thirds 2154

one-fifth 2155

two-fifths 2156

three-fifths 2157

four-fifths 2158

one-sixth 2159

five-sixths 215A

one-eighth 215B

three-eighths 215C

five-eighths 215D

seven-eighths 215E

fraction numerator one 215F  (which gives you one with the slash as one character, after which you can then type in what you want as a denominator)









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