Re: Accessible NAS with JAWS17

Don Risavy, Jr.

I own an ADDONICS NAS40 from that works great
with Jaws 17 or even the Jaws 18 beta that have an external usb hard drive
connected to it that allows me to access it over my network for backing up
my computers to the hard drive.

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Shai <> wrote:
I am looking for a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device that is
accessible to set up and maintain using JAWS17. Does anyone have a

I don't have a NAS device, but my router has a USB port to which a hard
drive or SSD can be attached.

It runs OpenWRT, which is very accessible both via its Web interface and
over an ssh terminal interface (i.e., the Linux command line available from
the device).

If you buy hardware that supports OpenWRT, you can always install OpenWRT if
you aren't satisfied with the manufacturer's firmware.

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