Re: How to insert a 1-digit fraction into a 2013 word document

Peter Tesar

That list does not contain the one third or two thirds symbols.

I have always used Word, to generate the single symbol, for the other fractions: one-half, one-quarter and three-quarters.

In Word, just type the 3 characters "1/2". When you press the space-bar, the 3 characters will become the single symbol.
This also applys for the fractions: one-quarter and three-quarters.

How do you create the single symbol for the fractions: one-third and two-thirds?

Peter T.

On 2016-10-16 4:46 PM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi Margaret,
Press, Insert / Jaws key + 4, from the number row, to open the symbols list, press the letter, o, until you land on, one half / ½, & press enter to insert the fraction into your document.  Do these steps at the point you want to insert the fraction / symbol.
Take care.
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Subject: How to insert a 1-digit fraction into a 2013 word document

Hello Everyone,


I have JAWS 17, MS Word 2013, and Windows 7, and I need to know how to type in a 1-digit fraction such as one-half for a cooking recipe.  I really would appreciate some step-by-step instructions on how to do this.




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