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Adrian Spratt


I haven't installed JAWS 13, so what I say applies to JAWS 12 and before,
but hopefully also JAWS 13. I'm surprised the default option didn't show up
in the installation process. However, you can create a default profile with
insert-j, then pressing enter on "Options" and selecting "voices." Press
enter on "voice adjustment" and follow the prompts.

I also use Dectalk Express, and I vaguely remember creating a Dectalk
default profile in this way. If you wish to make later adjustments, follow
the same command sequence, except instead of "Voice adjustment" at the end,
arrow down to "Profile." There, on my system, "Dectalk default" is
verbalized first.

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Just installed Version 13. I added my DecTalk Express to the synthesizer
list. I can't figure out how to make it the default. I read how to do it in
the Help menu but I can't find the box that is to be checked to accomplish

it. Could someone please help?
Thanks, Tom

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