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Hi David,

It's nice of you to provide this link, but one thing this download doesn't do is to take into account whether the person is running a 32 Bit or 64 Bit version of Windows. If you download from the Apple website the website auto detects your operating system and the appropriate installer will download.

All you have to do is go to and on this page you can use the "b" navigation quick key for finding buttons until you come to the "Download Now" button.
There are also two checkboxes which you can easily find by using the "x" quick navigtation key and a radio button (use the "r" quick nav key) on this page you may want to check out, the checkboxes are:

Send me iTunes updates, news, and special offers.
Keep me up to date with Apple news, software updates, and the latest information on products and services.
Obviously if you want any of these newsletters you will have to make sure that the appropriate checkbox is checked and then provide your email address in the edit field right below the checkbox items (The "e" quick key will find the edit box easily also").

The radio button shows your country and it should auto detect, but I am in Canada and often it says "United States" for me.
Once you activate the "Download Now" button the information bar (should pop up (if you use Internet Explorer) and you then just press Alt+N (F6 should also do the trick) and select "Run" or tab once to go to "Save". I recommend saving it first, then go to your Downloads folder and run it from there. It is a larger download (166 Mb for the 64 Bit version) and I just prefer to save such installers first.
While iTunes has its accessibility issues which currently are significant, the process of downloading and installing it are quite straight forward.


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Hello, not sure what the issue is with the iTunes download, or where your trying to download from, But here's a direct download link for you.

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I’m trying to download/in stall iTunes on my Windows 7 computer, because I wanted to play some blind-friendly games. I have been told, when I try to look at the games, that they can’t find iTunes; when I go into “programs and features,” I also don’t see iTunes listed. So, where the heck is iTunes going, if anywhere, and if nowhere, how can I get it to download and install on my PC? Thanks!


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